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26January 2021

Dr. Allyson Coffin is a chiropractor with Align With Wellness in Yarmouth.

As the pandemic enters its 11th month, it's fair to say a lot of people working from home, schooling from home, doing it *all from home, are feeling the stress. That's something we carry in our shoulders and our backs. 

Dr. Allyson Coffin is a chiropractor at Align With Wellness in Yarmouth. She shares a few stretches and ways to decompress either by yourself, or with the family. 

Step one is getting into the right mindset and figuring out how to balance everything you're handling. Dr. Coffin suggests taking the time each weekend to actually stop and plan out times within your week to take a moment for yourself. That moment can be as simple as taking five minutes to drink coffee alone while your child is logging into their computer for remote learning. 

Dr. Coffin also recommends 1-5 minute movement for both you and your child. Stand up from your work station and do butt-kicks for one minute; or kick your knees up to your hands – something to get the blood flowing again. 

Sometimes relaxing can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths. Stop, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for even just one minute in the day – it will make a big difference. 

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You can take those breaths too at the end of the day by sticking your hands in a bowl of luke-warm water. Dr. Coffin says that helps circulate our blood flow back to the center of our brains. It's a great thing to do when you have to switch gears from working to schooling, because it helps regain some focus. 

Also – don't ever be afraid to ask for help when you're overwhelmed; whether that's asking your child's teacher to better explain what needs to be done, or asking a co-worker to help with a project. 

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Dr. Coffin is also looking for 10 busy working moms who want to feel connected to their spouse and kids while still getting their ‘to-do’ list done. She's starting a “Happier” group. Right now the course will be offered at a discounted rate.

If you're interested in joining, message Dr. Coffin on IG or Facebook and she will add you to the list when the course launches on Wednesday.

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