About a dozen businesses in Racine and Kenosha counties have actually been target of gaming machine robberies – Journal Times

18December 2020

Gaming makers have been smashed open and stolen from in a series of bar and restaurant break-ins in Racine and Kenosha counties. The suspects may have dedicated similar burglaries in Illinois.

Although no arrests have actually been reported yet, the break-ins are most likely connected, according to the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department. Three Kenosha Co. pubs struck Sgt. David Wright of the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department stated three taverns in the county were burglarized in November. In all three cases, the thieves targetedonly the video gaming devices. He said The Packer Inn Tavern, 924 S. Cognswell Drive, Silver Lake, was broken into on Nov. 15. The Sandlots of Salem, 9251 Antioch Road, was broken into Nov. 29. Johnny'Z Pour House, 10936 Sheridan Road, Pleasant Prairie, was struck Nov. 30, although it appeared thieves also tried to burglarize the

tavern a few days earlier and stopped working. Wright said detectives think it is the very same team targeting rural services with gaming machines. He stated the burglars have actually not attempted to burglarize cash registers or take anything else, focusing just on the cash in the machines.

The Racine County Sheriff's Office did not respond to requests for comment. However, the Caledonia Police Department released a call previously this month for public aid in identifying break-in suspects, through photos from security cameras, of a minimum of one comparable burglary of a gasoline station in Caledonia that took place Dec. 2.

Investigator Christopher Schuster of the CPD stated there was just one betting machine break-in in Caledonia at a tavern: The Depot Restaurant & & Tavern situated at 11402 County Road G. This happened in October. Nevertheless, at the end of November, there were break-ins at a filling station: Sai Mart at 13600 7 Mile Road.

“They got hit twice in two days by the exact same people,” Schuster said.

Another filling station, the Pilot Travel Center at 13712 Northwestern Ave., was likewise broken into. While the Caledonia Police Department is still actively pursuing the examination, Schuster stated the department has 2 suspect lorries of interest.

While Schuster believes it's the very same individuals devoting the very same gambling maker criminal activities throughout Caledonia and the county, he said he can't confirm that till evidence shows it.

“I don't think in coincidences,” Schuster said.

Residential or commercial property crimes like these ones, he stated, generally increase throughout the holidays.

“We have received leads, however we are trying to find more,” he said. “If anyone might assist us, we ‘d be grateful. They will continue to dedicate these criminal activities until they get caught.”


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apparently associated with a number of thefts along Interstate 94. Thieves disrupted Candi Lucksted, owner of TinCan Roadhouse, 20715 Durand Ave., Yorkville, stated her service was targeted at 5 a.m. Monday. She approximated nine companies in the City of Racine, Union Grove and Caledonia location have actually been targeted in the past couple of weeks. One of them was Dead Mann's Saloon, 3518 S. Beaumont Ave., Kansasville. On Tuesday, the Kansasville establishment published 3

photos of smashed-open machines with the caption:”Good method to start the morning.” Good way to begin the early morning Posted by Dead Mann's Saloon on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 By Wednesday, according to the Facebook page, Racine Amusement had replaced the devices. A Facebook post said that the saloon was open which cash would be eliminated from the devices nighttime “from here on.” The Journal Times is not naming the other establishments from which

burglaries have actually been reported without confirming with law enforcement, talking with the businesses themselves or the businesses individually revealing such a burglary. Lucksted said the intruders were in and out within 2 minutes and had whatever planned out

“They left before they were completed,” she said.

Lucksted mored than happy no employees were in the structure since they could've gotten hurt, she stated. Typically 2 staff members been available in at about 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. to clean up the kitchen area and get things established. On Monday, they weren't there yet.

When somebody burglarize the roadhouse, an alarm on Lucksted's phone goes off right away and she gets a phone call, she stated. “At 5 a.m., I knew that it was not an incorrect alarm,” Lucksted stated of when she got the alert. “I was stunned and terrified. Then I was (mad). And now it's simply incredible. It's not fair that individuals are so ill-mannered, so non-caring for anybody else's hard work and effort.”

Lucksted said she hasn't had a chance to confirm with her insurance company just how much the approximated expense of the damage was. But, she stated, “it was a lot.”

“It's a little disheartening in the times that we're going through today,” Lucksted said. “Every penny counts, and when somebody decides to do damage to your property and take, it makes it 10 times harder.”

She will need to change the door, get brand-new locks and new devices. Like Dead Mann's Saloon, TinCan Roadhouse leases its machines from Racine Amusement.

TinCan already has lots of security measures in place, such as an alarm. “Other than employing an armed guard, I do not know what else I can do,” Lucksted said. “I'm very grateful we're such a tightknit neighborhood. It's an embarassment that we all need to go through this. We're just attempting to keep everyone paid and employed throughout the Christmas holiday and New Year.”

Packer Inn includes defenses

Ron Connors, owner of The Packer Inn Tavern, 924 S. Cogswell Drive, Silver Lake in Kenosha County, stated robbers was available in through a corner window by the gambling devices.

The intruders smashed four machines along the wall, took the money inside, didn't touch anything else in the building and left.

“They needed to understand what they were going after,” Connors stated. “They knew they needed to get in within a couple of minutes prior to the alarm went off.”

Connors has another device and an ATM on another side of the structure that the intruders didn't touch.

The devices were destroyed with what appeared like a crowbar, Connors stated.

The Packer Inn Tavern got brand-new devices the next day, and a consumer of the pub fixed the window. Connors then set up bars on the window for extra security measures.

“I had the ability to get whatever tidied up quite quick,” Connors said. Insurance covered the costs of the damage however the overall estimate was a hefty $15,000.

“Aren't the bars and dining establishments having enough frickin' problems?” Connors stated. “I'm not singing the blues since I'm grateful for the business that I've got, however we're all suffering. It's hard.”

A$30,000 loss Another robbery took place in Racine County on Monday. While the burglars might have not targeted gambling devices at a saloon, the damage was still substantial and followed a similar format to

Doug Nicholson

the tavern


Nicholson”They were in and out in 2 minutes,”Doug Nicholson, owner of Pearle Vision, 2721 S. Green Bay Road, stated after examining security video from the Monday burglary of his eye care center. The front door was smashed and the alarm went off. The suspects carried in a City of Racine recycling bin. Inside, they dumped about 200 spectacles frames and the money drawer– which just included “some change,”according to Nicholson– into the bin. Then they left. The total loss has to do with$30,000, stated Nicholson, who since

Jonathan L Morris

Jonathan L Morris, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, felony retail theft (purposefully take between $ 500 -$ 5,000), felony bail leaping, misdemeanor bail jumping. Arthur T Dexter NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Arthur T Dexter, 6900 block of Prince Drive, Racine, 1st degree child sexual assault (sexual contact with a

child under age 13), incest. Deneen Smith of Lee Newspapers and Adam Rogan of The Journal Times added to this report.

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