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30August 2020

Most media concentrates on conflict-based journalism to drive traffic to their news website, not solutions-based journalism. We ‘d choose to earn the trust of our readers, not shock our method into gaining their attention. That implies we're here to assist our readers by offering pertinent and precise info.

So if you wish to be part of our motion to offer journalism that helps, here are our business plans. You can also support us by subscribing or require details about our specific advertisement options!.?

.!? Sponsorship Bundles Takeover ad weeks Sidebar advertisement weeks Your press launches Newsletter weeks Spotlight story Calendar event/Facebook occasion Annual rate
Sustainer 52 52 26 52 1,000 words 4 $10,000
Investor 39 39 24 36 500 words 3 $7,500
Customer 26 26 12 24 500 words 2 $5,000
Supporter 12 12 6 16 500 words 1 $2,500
Backer 4 4 2 8 Service Q&A 0&$ 1,000
Underwriting plans Section underwriter weeks Takeover advertisement weeks Sponsored column Newsletter
Spotlight story Occasion Yearly rate
Platinum 52 52 52 52 1,0000 words 4 $12,500
Gold 39 39 24 36 500 words 3 $10,000
Silver 26 26 12 24 500 words 2 $7,500
Bronze 12 12 6 16 Company Q & & A 1 $ 5,000

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Underwriting sections sample

Stand out by financing our content. Your logo design, name of your

business, url to your site, and a sentence about your business will draw readers to your website. Additionally, you can likewise connect to your sponsored column. Or, we can connect to a leads page. Examples of sponsored content 4 Ways Rain Can Damage Your Roof Regional psychological health resources Residences for Sale in Racine County Why this works: If an individual clicks a story about residential or commercial property transfers, possibilities are great that

they may have an interest in buying a home or company. We're using a number section and story sponsorships: Breaking news Health and health Hometown hero Not-for-profit

news Social justice Government Service spotlight Real estate

  • news
  • House listings Residential or commercial property transfers Restaurant evaluates Food & Drink Modification is
  • offered, consisting of
  • background
  • color and logo design. 970 x 250 Each of our sponsorhship plans comes with a 970 x 250 ad, but it also connects our audience with your brand name through news release, events,

    and more. We also consist of a 300 x 250 ad:

    Hosting events? A number of companies and organizations are hosting virtual events through Zoom and Facebook. To assist connect our audience with your event, we can pull your material into our website through a Friends2Follow ad, which makes a live advertisement stream. Or we can assemble an occasion organizer page that reveals multiple events and integrate those events into our website.

    That way that content lives in a number of different pages and contents to the ideal audience.

    Sponsorships are minimal

    You'll wish to get in on these deals rapidly due to the fact that our inventory is restricted. Please contact Denise Lockwood at (262) 504-9570 or email her at to begin yours today.

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